1. Paving Detail
  2. Sanitary Sewer Detail
  3. Storm Sewer Detail
  4. Water Detail

Detail Number:
P-1A     Concrete Street Sections
P-1B     Asphalt Street Sections
P-2       Steel Layout Plan
P-3       Intersection Joint Spacing
P-4       Standard Curb and Gutter
P-5       Laydown Curb and Driveway
P-6       Street Header
P-7       Typical Alley Section
P-8       Wheelchair Ramp
P-9       Concrete Sidewalk
P-10A   Manhole and Water Valve Boxout
P-10B   Manhole and Water Valve Boxout
P-11A   Concrete Pavement Joints
P-11B   Concrete Pavement Joints
P-12      Median Nose
P-13      Left Turn Lane in Median
P-14      Right Turn Lane Without Channelization
P-15      Right Turn Lane With Channelization
P-16      Concrete Valley
P-17      Dead End Barricade
P-18      Metal Beam Guardrail
P-19      Standard Wooden Fence
P-20      Standard Masonry Fence

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